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About us

I would like to help you down size your home.
  • Are you finding that your home is too big?
  • Are you finding that your bills are getting too much to handle?
  • Would like to move closer to your relatives?
I have the solution that would solve your problems.
My team and I have been involved in property for 25+ years and have found a solution that will streamline this process make it quicker, easier and more understandable for you
We will take care of selling your current home for the best price and sourcing your new home in your desired location, freeing up valuable funds that could,
  • Help you through retirement
  • Help fund your children's/grand children's future by gifting them a one time tax free sum 
All you have to do is contact us using the email provided and we will arrange a free consultation at a time and place suitable for you.
Regards  Tony Short

Tony Short

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